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own itIt’s no real secret that I’m a huge fan of music – anytime I can introduce myself to something fun, catchy or full out rockin’ in music, I’m a pretty happy camper.  Music is one of those things that is completely personal.  Regardless of where you may come from, where you’re heading, whatever – music has the potential to touch you in a very personal way.


This is why I’ve always been fascinated on the song choices movies make when they use a particular song for a scene (I believe this person is a music supervisor).  In my opinion, the right kind of song can make or break a scene.  Can you imagine any one of the ‘big’ scenes from Guy Ritchie’s Film Snatch (or any of his other films for that matter) without music?


What about the ‘battle scene’ in The Matrix


Can you imagine how different this pivotal scene would’ve been like had it not been for the music…?  Interestingly enough, even before this music was used in the Matrix, it existed as a piece that stood on its own.  I would argue that this scene helped make it truly memorable.


There are a variety of things being done today in public relations, social media and marketing that have positively affected a company’s bottom line.  Some great…some not-so-great.  Some of these tactics and ideas are unique and innovative…some not quite so.


What’s wonderful about business is that you don’t necessarily have to be ‘original’ to be successful.  You just have to put your own brand of passion, love, excitement and personality in it to really ‘own it.’  Incredibly smart and gifted people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki and Laura Fitton have gained much kudos and respect (rightfully so) for their savvy in social media.  In my opinion, part of their success has come from them making sure that they put as much of themselves as they can with everything they do – they really ‘own it.’


Not all of us can be a ‘Guy Kawasaki’ or a ‘Laura Fitton’ or a ‘Gary Vaynerchuk.’  So what are you doing these days to truly ‘own’ what you’re doing?  What new, memorable ‘scene’ are you producing with an ‘old’ idea or song?

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