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 …I know it’s been awhile…I’ve been meaning to get to this…but I’ve been a little….busy these days…!

“Whatever, dude…!…how hard is it…?…really…to put out the stuff you do…?”

Well, it’s not that easy…at least not to me…some people like Mack Collier, Amber Naslund, Danny Brown, Shonali Burke, Jay Baer and Valeria Maltoni keep banging em’ out!  I have no idea how difficult or easy it is for them, but they certainly make it look easy.

I will say this, though.  I haven’t just been slacking:

  • New clients have made their way into the Big Noise Communications roster
  • Fresh streams of revenue have presented themselves with current clients
  • That whole work-life-balance thing
  • I’ve been able to lose more than 17 inches…more on that later…perhaps a new post
  • AND…I have witten at other places…like Waxing Unlyrical


All that aside, dust off the shelves and mop the floors!
Method + Moxie will be back in full swing!


Sooner than you expect…

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