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Just yesterday, the always irreverent and uber creative guys from DEVO released ‘Something for Everybody’ – their first studio album in 20 years.  You can hear these frolicky, biting and catchy tunes at ColbertNation.com or at Spinner

What I really dig about these guys is that they are a prime example of artists that didn’t even approach the idea of homogenizing their look, sound performances to reach a ‘mass audience.’  In a time when, across the board, album sales are lagging and record execs are trying to get their next ‘American Idol’ to cash in on (even if it’s just for a limited amount of time), it’s great to see someone hit the ground with a DEVOlutionized thud.

Whether they got help (from their creative team, their fans, etc.) on any of these ideas or not, DEVO reeks of fringe-spirit and originality…

  • They had a ‘cat party’ yesterday to celebrate its new album
  • The Everybody Face masks are cool…and kinda scary-looking
  • They launched an ‘Official Song Study’ for the album. The band posted portions of each of the tracks they recorded for the album and asked fans to rank and vote about which songs would appear on the final full length.
  • DEVO released yesterday the first in a five-part web “reality” series that documents the making of the album, a few live performances and their flirtation with corporate marketing culture (among other things)

My point in all of this is that creativity comes in many, many forms.  And it can come at any time.  Open yourself up to being a little creative in work – especially if you think you’ve found a way to make things a little better.  Push a little harder for your idea – the worst thing ‘the man’ can tell you is no.  And don’t let something as limiting as ‘age’ or fear hold you back from exploring the new.  It works in music; it works in art; and it certainly works in business. 

It could be that one thing that leads you to something so fresh.

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